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Golden Horse Film Festival

  1. Ip Man 2
    Best Action Choreography

    Ip Man 2

  2. Aftershock


  3. Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame
    Best Visual Effects

    Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame

  4. Dream Home

    Dream Home

  5. Love in a Puff

    Love in a Puff

  6. Buddha Mountain

    Buddha Mountain

  7. Monga
  8. Apart Together

    Apart Together

  9. One Day

    One Day

  10. Taipei Exchanges
    Best Original Film Song

    Taipei Exchanges

  11. Gallants


  12. The Fourth Portrait

    The Fourth Portrait

  13. Seven Days in Heaven

    Seven Days in Heaven

  14. Lover's Discourse

    Lover's Discourse

  15. When Love Comes
  16. Taivalu


  17. Love in Disguise

    Love in Disguise

  18. Deep in the Clouds

    Deep in the Clouds

  19. The Family Complete

    The Family Complete

  20. Ex


  21. Juliets
    Best New Performer


  22. Crossing Hennessy

    Crossing Hennessy

  23. Mundane History
    NETPAC Award

    Mundane History

  24. Spring Fever
  25. Bodyguards and Assassins
    Best Makeup & Costume Design

    Bodyguards and Assassins

  26. About One Bird

    About One Bird

  27. Hip-Hop Storm
    Best Documentary

    Hip-Hop Storm

  28. Pinoy Sunday
    Best New Director

    Pinoy Sunday

  29. Judge
    Best Original Screenplay