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Golden Horse Film Festival

  1. Red Cliff

    Red Cliff

  2. Sparrow


  3. Parking
  4. CJ7


  5. Sell Out!
    NETPAC Award

    Sell Out!

  6. Claustrophobia


  7. Drifting Flowers

    Drifting Flowers

  8. Candy Rain
    Best Makeup & Costume Design

    Candy Rain

  9. Orz Boyz
    Best Supporting Actress

    Orz Boyz

  10. An Empress and the Warriors

    An Empress and the Warriors

  11. Winds of September
    Best Adapted Screenplay

    Winds of September

  12. Missing
    Best Sound Effects


  13. Miao Miao

    Miao Miao

  14. Cape No. 7
  15. Connected
  16. Kung Fu Dunk

    Kung Fu Dunk

  17. Run Papa Run

    Run Papa Run

  18. 12 Lotus

    12 Lotus

  19. Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon

    Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon

  20. Ocean Flame

    Ocean Flame

  21. Up the Yangtze
    Best Documentary

    Up the Yangtze

  22. The Warlords
  23. The Photograph
    NETPAC Award

    The Photograph

  24. Black Ice

    Black Ice

  25. Assembly
  26. Trivial Matters

    Trivial Matters