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Golden Horse Film Festival

  1. L'enfant


  2. The Wayward Cloud

    The Wayward Cloud

  3. Three Times
  4. Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine

    Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine

  5. Election
  6. The Wild Blue Yonder

    The Wild Blue Yonder

  7. Seven Swords
    Best Action Choreography

    Seven Swords

  8. The Pain of Others

    The Pain of Others

  9. Mirror Mechanics

    Mirror Mechanics

  10. Drink-Drank-Drunk


  11. Initial D
  12. Fall... In Love

  13. The Shoe Fairy
    Best Art Direction

    The Shoe Fairy

  14. Divergence
  15. 2 Young

    2 Young

  16. A West Lake Moment

    A West Lake Moment

  17. Blue Cha Cha
    Best Original Film Score

    Blue Cha Cha

  18. The Heirloom

    The Heirloom

  19. Kung Fu Hustle
  20. The Hand

    The Hand

  21. Saving Face
    Viewer's Choice Award

    Saving Face

  22. Salvador Allende

    Salvador Allende

  23. À tout de suite

    À tout de suite

  24. Me and My Sister

    Me and My Sister

  25. Fallen Art
    Digital Shorts - Grand Prix

    Fallen Art

  26. Ab-normal Beauty

    Ab-normal Beauty

  27. A World Without Thieves
    Best Adapted Screenplay

    A World Without Thieves

  28. Beyond Our Ken

    Beyond Our Ken

  29. Bug Me Not

    Bug Me Not

  30. Paul s'en va

    Paul s'en va