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Golden Horse Film Festival

  1. Metade Fumaca

    Metade Fumaca

  2. Tuvalu


  3. Cookie's Fortune

    Cookie's Fortune

  4. Moonlight Whispers

    Moonlight Whispers

  5. Mifune's Last Song

    Mifune's Last Song

  6. The Color of Lies

    The Color of Lies

  7. Tempting Heart

    Tempting Heart

  8. Gorgeous


  9. Darkness and Light
  10. Fly Me to Polaris

    Fly Me to Polaris

  11. Ordinary Heroes
  12. The Five Senses

    The Five Senses

  13. Crazy English

    Crazy English

  14. The Kid

    The Kid

  15. Postcard


  16. The Red Leaf Legend
    Best Documentary

    The Red Leaf Legend

  17. Gen-X Cops

    Gen-X Cops

  18. Purple Storm
  19. A Man Called Hero
    Best Visual Effects

    A Man Called Hero

  20. The Victim

    The Victim

  21. The Cup

    The Cup

  22. After Life

    After Life

  23. Pickpocket


  24. Sombre


  25. An Autumn Tale

    An Autumn Tale

  26. The Cruise

    The Cruise

  27. Of Freaks and Men

    Of Freaks and Men

  28. Bullet Ballet

    Bullet Ballet

  29. The Longest Summer

    The Longest Summer

  30. Killer


  31. The Apartment Cat

    The Apartment Cat

  32. Connection by Fate

    Connection by Fate

  33. The Port of Last Resort

    The Port of Last Resort

  34. Flat Tyre

    Flat Tyre

  35. Dancemaker


  36. Hot War

    Hot War

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