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Golden Globes (USA)

  1. Butterfly
  2. Das Boot

    Das Boot

  3. Reds
  4. Body Heat

    Body Heat

  5. Prince of the City

    Prince of the City

  6. Gallipoli


  7. Chariots of Fire
    Best Foreign Film

    Chariots of Fire

  8. On Golden Pond
  9. Pennies from Heaven
  10. The French Lieutenant's Woman

    The French Lieutenant's Woman

  11. For Your Eyes Only

    For Your Eyes Only

  12. Ragtime


  13. Arthur
  14. Absence of Malice

    Absence of Malice

  15. Four Friends

    Four Friends

  16. S.O.B.


  17. Taps
  18. The Four Seasons

    The Four Seasons

  19. Zorro, the Gay Blade

    Zorro, the Gay Blade

  20. Sharky's Machine

    Sharky's Machine

  21. Raggedy Man

    Raggedy Man

  22. Zoot Suit

    Zoot Suit

  23. Skokie


  24. Continental Divide

    Continental Divide

  25. Endless Love

    Endless Love

  26. East of Eden
  27. A Long Way Home

    A Long Way Home

  28. Murder in Texas

    Murder in Texas

  29. Bill
  30. First Monday in October

    First Monday in October

  31. Masada


  32. Only When I Laugh
  33. Pixote: The Law of the Weakest

    Pixote: The Law of the Weakest

  34. Atlantic City

    Atlantic City