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Ghent Film Festival

  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Youth Jury Award

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  2. Nobody Knows
    Grand Prix

    Nobody Knows

  3. The Intruder

    The Intruder

  4. Los Muertos

    Los Muertos

  5. Breaking News

    Breaking News

  6. Machuca
    Georges Delerue Prize


  7. 9 Songs

    9 Songs

  8. Mean Creek

    Mean Creek

  9. A Hole in My Heart

    A Hole in My Heart

  10. The Bridesmaid

    The Bridesmaid

  11. Control Room

    Control Room

  12. Before the Fall

    Before the Fall

  13. Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
    Audience Award for Best Documentary

    Metallica: Some Kind of Monster

  14. The Woodsman
    Special Mention

    The Woodsman

  15. The Syrian Bride

    The Syrian Bride

  16. Little Terrorist
    Prix UIP Ghent (European Short Film)

    Little Terrorist

  17. The Wound

    The Wound

  18. Arsène Lupin

    Arsène Lupin

  19. The Graffiti Artist

    The Graffiti Artist

  20. Baober in Love

    Baober in Love

  21. South of the Clouds

    South of the Clouds

  22. Earth and Ashes
    Best Director

    Earth and Ashes

  23. The Hunter

    The Hunter

  24. Youth


  25. Green Hat

    Green Hat

  26. A Children's Story

    A Children's Story

  27. Facing Windows
    Canvas Audience Award

    Facing Windows

  28. Festival Express

    Festival Express

  29. Imelda


  30. I Love You All

    I Love You All

  31. Give Me Your Hand

    Give Me Your Hand

  32. Between Us

    Between Us

  33. B-Happy


  34. Cautiva


  35. Nina’s Tragedies

    Nina’s Tragedies