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Gaudí Awards

  1. Moon
  2. [REC] 2
  3. Little Indi

    Little Indi

  4. Eloïse's Lover

    Eloïse's Lover

  5. Garbo: The Spy

    Garbo: The Spy

  6. V.O.S.


  7. Three Days with the Family

    Three Days with the Family

  8. The Frost
  9. Station of the Forgotten

    Station of the Forgotten

  10. Drifting


  11. The Condemned
    Best Film not in the Catalan Language

    The Condemned

  12. Let the Right One In
    Best European Film

    Let the Right One In

  13. Slumdog Millionaire

    Slumdog Millionaire

  14. Welcome to the Sticks

    Welcome to the Sticks

  15. The Anarchist's Wife

    The Anarchist's Wife

  16. A War in Hollywood

    A War in Hollywood

  17. The Two Lives of Andres Rabadan
  18. Paintball


  19. Dark Buenos Aires

    Dark Buenos Aires