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Fantasia Film Festival

  1. Halley


  2. Kick-heart
    Best Animated Short Film


  3. Cheap Thrills
    Best First Film

    Cheap Thrills

  4. The Dirties

    The Dirties

  5. Big Bad Wolves
  6. Across the River
    Special Mention: Feature Film

    Across the River

  7. Invocation


  8. The Lady Assassin

    The Lady Assassin

  9. Doomsdays


  10. The Four Soldiers
    Best Canadian or Quebecois Feature (Audience Award)

    The Four Soldiers

  11. After School Midnighters

    After School Midnighters

  12. When Wolf Falls in Love with Sheep
    Best Director

    When Wolf Falls in Love with Sheep

  13. A Girl Named Elastika

    A Girl Named Elastika