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Fantasia Film Festival

  1. A Night of Sweats

    A Night of Sweats

  2. Meet Jimmy

    Meet Jimmy

  3. Lucy's Tale

    Lucy's Tale

  4. Laughing Under the Clouds

    Laughing Under the Clouds

  5. Hypocondriaque


  6. Hurt


  7. Gregory


  8. Greater Good

    Greater Good

  9. Eau de Jesus

    Eau de Jesus

  10. Dinner Party
    VR Grand Prize

    Dinner Party

  11. Devil Woman

    Devil Woman

  12. Delusion: Lies Within

    Delusion: Lies Within

  13. Damage Control

    Damage Control

  14. A/S/L


  15. 135 bananes

    135 bananes

  16. The Travelling Cat Chronicles

    The Travelling Cat Chronicles

  17. Mega Time Squad

    Mega Time Squad

  18. Room Laundering

    Room Laundering

  19. Tales from the Hood 2

    Tales from the Hood 2

  20. Aurore
    Best Short Film


  21. What a Man Wants

    What a Man Wants

  22. Hello, Rain
    Special Mention: International Short Film Competition

    Hello, Rain

  23. Champion


  24. Punk Samurai Slash Down

    Punk Samurai Slash Down

  25. Montreal Dead End

    Montreal Dead End

  26. Kasane


  27. Violence Voyager

    Violence Voyager

  28. Parallel


  29. Playing Hard

    Playing Hard

  30. Big Brother

    Big Brother

  31. End Times

    End Times

  32. The Saint Bernard Syndicate

    The Saint Bernard Syndicate

  33. Milk
    International Short Film Competition Best Director


  34. Brothers' Nest

    Brothers' Nest

  35. The Vanished

    The Vanished

  36. The Ranger

    The Ranger