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Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival

  1. Prisoner of Society

    Prisoner of Society

  2. Mercurio


  3. Mega Sexy Robot Dinosaur

    Mega Sexy Robot Dinosaur

  4. The Match

    The Match

  5. Les lèvres gercées

    Les lèvres gercées

  6. Norteños


  7. Don't Know What

    Don't Know What

  8. My Generation

    My Generation

  9. Nice Talking to You

    Nice Talking to You

  10. Little Grey Bubbles

    Little Grey Bubbles

  11. Wild Love

    Wild Love

  12. 32-RBIT


  13. Five Minutes to Sea

    Five Minutes to Sea

  14. Wildebeest


  15. Laugh Lines

    Laugh Lines

  16. The Colour of Your Lips

    The Colour of Your Lips

  17. Good Intentions

    Good Intentions

  18. Winter of My Life

    Winter of My Life

  19. Strange Cities Are Familiar

    Strange Cities Are Familiar

  20. The Inroad

    The Inroad

  21. Uneatable


  22. Sheep


  23. A River Runs Through The Mountains

    A River Runs Through The Mountains

  24. Mother's Day

    Mother's Day

  25. Bellmouth


  26. Samira


  27. Like Me

    Like Me

  28. Boys Like Us

    Boys Like Us

  29. A Wider Screen

    A Wider Screen

  30. West Question East Answer

    West Question East Answer

  31. Suburban Curiosity

    Suburban Curiosity

  32. The Milk Bottle

    The Milk Bottle

  33. Images of Absence

    Images of Absence

  34. Falling Asleep

    Falling Asleep

  35. Birch


  36. Bin Day

    Bin Day