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European Film Awards

  1. Melancholia
  2. We Need to Talk About Kevin
    European Actress

    We Need to Talk About Kevin

  3. The Turin Horse

    The Turin Horse

  4. The Skin I Live In

    The Skin I Live In

  5. Pina
    European Documentary


  6. The Artist

    The Artist

  7. Le Havre

    Le Havre

  8. The Kid with a Bike

    The Kid with a Bike

  9. Michael


  10. Elena


  11. We Have a Pope

    We Have a Pope

  12. Breathing


  13. ¡Vivan las Antipodas!

    ¡Vivan las Antipodas!

  14. The Rabbi's Cat

    The Rabbi's Cat

  15. Unknown


  16. Frozen Stories

    Frozen Stories

  17. Silent River

    Silent River

  18. Sundays


  19. The Wholly Family
    European Short Film

    The Wholly Family

  20. Hypercrisis


  21. The King's Speech

    The King's Speech

  22. In a Better World

    In a Better World

  23. Essential Killing

    Essential Killing

  24. Little White Lies

    Little White Lies

  25. Chico & Rita
    European Animated Feature Film

    Chico & Rita

  26. Even the Rain

    Even the Rain

  27. Potiche


  28. Tilva Rosh

    Tilva Rosh

  29. Incident by a Bank

    Incident by a Bank

  30. A Cat in Paris

    A Cat in Paris

  31. 3
  32. Position Among the Stars

    Position Among the Stars

  33. Nothing's All Bad

    Nothing's All Bad

  34. Oxygen
    European Discovery of the Year


  35. The Unliving

    The Unliving

  36. Welcome to the South

    Welcome to the South

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