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European Film Awards

  1. My Summer of Love

    My Summer of Love

  2. Ladies in Lavender

    Ladies in Lavender

  3. Layer Cake

    Layer Cake

  4. As It Is in Heaven

    As It Is in Heaven

  5. Brothers


  6. 4
  7. Night Watch

    Night Watch

  8. Ferpect Crime

    Ferpect Crime

  9. Being Julia

    Being Julia

  10. Cockles and Muscles

    Cockles and Muscles

  11. The Syrian Bride

    The Syrian Bride

  12. Adam & Paul

    Adam & Paul

  13. Dream Land

    Dream Land

  14. Dear Frankie

    Dear Frankie

  15. Enduring Love

    Enduring Love

  16. Little Terrorist

    Little Terrorist

  17. Undressing My Mother
    European Short Film

    Undressing My Mother

  18. The Wedding

    The Wedding

  19. Agata and the Storm

    Agata and the Storm

  20. The Ninth Day

    The Ninth Day

  21. Uno
  22. Flatlife


  23. Go for Zucker

    Go for Zucker

  24. The Red Colored Grey Truck

    The Red Colored Grey Truck

  25. When the Sea Rises

    When the Sea Rises

  26. Your Next Life

    Your Next Life

  27. Hi Maya

    Hi Maya

  28. The Welts

    The Welts

  29. Saimir


  30. Stranger


  31. The Life That I Want

    The Life That I Want