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David di Donatello Awards

  1. Piuma
  2. Paterson


  3. I, Daniel Blake
    Best European Film

    I, Daniel Blake

  4. Nocturnal Animals
    Best Foreign Film

    Nocturnal Animals

  5. Julieta


  6. Lion
  7. Indivisible
  8. Sully


  9. Like Crazy
  10. Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

  11. Florence Foster Jenkins

    Florence Foster Jenkins

  12. 7 Minutes

    7 Minutes

  13. Libera nos

    Libera nos

  14. Wordly Girl

    Wordly Girl

  15. Fiore
  16. Ustica: The Missing Paper

    Ustica: The Missing Paper

  17. Un paese quasi perfetto

    Un paese quasi perfetto

  18. Mine
  19. The Confessions

    The Confessions

  20. Veloce come il vento

    Veloce come il vento

  21. Viola, Franca

    Viola, Franca

  22. Monsters


  23. Ego
  24. Best Short Film

    At My Home: No Color - No Mix

  25. Magic Island

    Magic Island

  26. 60 Yesterday Today Tomorrow

    60 Yesterday Today Tomorrow

  27. Crazy for Football: The Craziest World Cup
    Best Documentary Feature

    Crazy for Football: The Craziest World Cup

  28. How to Grow Up Despite Your Parents

    How to Grow Up Despite Your Parents

  29. Naples '44

    Naples '44

  30. Era d'estate

    Era d'estate

  31. La stoffa dei sogni

    La stoffa dei sogni

  32. At War with Love

    At War with Love

  33. I Was a Dreamer

    I Was a Dreamer

  34. Caffè


  35. The Bear Skin

    The Bear Skin

  36. Le ultime cose

    Le ultime cose

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