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  1. The Image You Missed

    The Image You Missed

  2. Theatre of War

    Theatre of War

  3. Shirkers


  4. Central Airport THF

    Central Airport THF

  5. Minding the Gap
    Special Mention: Next:Wave Award

    Minding the Gap

  6. The Raft

    The Raft

  7. Black Mother

    Black Mother

  8. Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.


  9. Studio 54

    Studio 54

  10. Infinite Football

    Infinite Football

  11. Hale County This Morning, This Evening

    Hale County This Morning, This Evening

  12. Wild Relatives
    New:Vision Award

    Wild Relatives

  13. Bisbee '17

    Bisbee '17

  14. Generation Wealth

    Generation Wealth

  15. The Cleaners

    The Cleaners

  16. Welcome to Sodom

    Welcome to Sodom

  17. Juck


  18. Becoming Animal

    Becoming Animal

  19. Alt-Right: Age of Rage

    Alt-Right: Age of Rage

  20. The Price of Everything

    The Price of Everything

  21. Milford Graves Full Mantis

    Milford Graves Full Mantis

  22. The Rare Event

    The Rare Event

  23. The Return

    The Return

  24. A Moon Made of Iron

    A Moon Made of Iron

  25. Translations
    Special Mention: New:Vision Award


  26. Soft Awareness

    Soft Awareness

  27. Faith


  28. Desolation Center

    Desolation Center

  29. Waiting for Barcelona

    Waiting for Barcelona

  30. Giants and The Morning After

    Giants and The Morning After

  31. Eastern Memories

    Eastern Memories

  32. A View from the Window

    A View from the Window

  33. Children of the King

    Children of the King

  34. Little Pyongyang

    Little Pyongyang

  35. Entrance to the End

    Entrance to the End

  36. Word for Forest

    Word for Forest

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