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Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

  1. Rap Night

    Rap Night

  2. Esperança


  3. Dragan's Pack

    Dragan's Pack

  4. The Sun City Taxi

    The Sun City Taxi

  5. Cultes


  6. Pissy Quarry

    Pissy Quarry

  7. 49 Years from the House on the Left

    49 Years from the House on the Left

  8. The Wake

    The Wake

  9. Traces
    Best French-Language Animated Film


  10. Teen Horses

    Teen Horses

  11. The Remains

    The Remains

  12. Dibbuk


  13. Only After

    Only After

  14. For Men Go By

    For Men Go By

  15. Freeze Frame
    Special Jury Prize

    Freeze Frame

  16. Mama


  17. La maison (pas très loin du Donegal)
    Special Mention

    La maison (pas très loin du Donegal)

  18. The Loyal Man
    Best Actor

    The Loyal Man

  19. Family Plot
    Special Mention

    Family Plot

  20. Matriochkas


  21. Miss Chazelles
    Best Actress

    Miss Chazelles

  22. Hell and Such
    Special Mention

    Hell and Such

  23. Gusts of Wild Life
    Grand Prix (Lab Competition)

    Gusts of Wild Life

  24. Chrishna Ombwiri

    Chrishna Ombwiri

  25. Average Happiness
    Special Mention

    Average Happiness

  26. Une fille moderne

    Une fille moderne

  27. Cone


  28. The Free Place

    The Free Place

  29. Yandere


  30. Daniel


  31. Mascot
    Special Mention


  32. Drive
    Best Animated Short


  33. Pattern Cognition

    Pattern Cognition

  34. Invisible Hero
    Best European Short

    Invisible Hero

  35. City of Children
    Prix de la jeunesse

    City of Children

  36. In Between

    In Between