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Cinequest San Jose Film Festival

  1. Souls of Totality

    Souls of Totality

  2. Snapshots


  3. Speed Kills
    Best Virtual Reality Film: Virtual Reality

    Speed Kills

  4. Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon

    Tommy Battles the Silver Sea Dragon

  5. You & Me
    Audience Award (Comedy Feature)

    You & Me

  6. Little Women

    Little Women

  7. From Baghdad to The Bay
    Best Documentary Feature Film

    From Baghdad to The Bay

  8. Tell Me Your Name

    Tell Me Your Name

  9. The Rainbow Experiment

    The Rainbow Experiment

  10. The Ashram

    The Ashram

  11. What They Had

    What They Had

  12. Borg McEnroe

    Borg McEnroe

  13. Ismael's Ghosts

    Ismael's Ghosts

  14. Submergence


  15. End of Summer

    End of Summer

  16. Love and Shukla

    Love and Shukla

  17. Pick of the Litter
    Audience Award (Documentary)

    Pick of the Litter

  18. Enthusiastic Sinners

    Enthusiastic Sinners

  19. Bikini Moon

    Bikini Moon

  20. Silas


  21. Birth of a Family

    Birth of a Family

  22. From the Balcony

    From the Balcony

  23. Where Is Kyra?

    Where Is Kyra?

  24. Alternative Math
    Best Narrative Short Film: Comedy

    Alternative Math

  25. The Box
    Best Short Animated Film

    The Box

  26. The Reader

    The Reader

  27. Speechless


  28. Adios Amor - The Search for Maria Moreno

    Adios Amor - The Search for Maria Moreno

  29. The Kiss Addict

    The Kiss Addict

  30. Knuckleball


  31. Jack of All Trades

    Jack of All Trades

  32. It's a Party

    It's a Party

  33. Status Pending

    Status Pending

  34. Threesomething


  35. Virginia Minnesota

    Virginia Minnesota

  36. Wild Honey

    Wild Honey

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