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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Hommage à noir
    Documentary Short (Certificate of Merit)

    Hommage à noir

  2. Other Voices, Other Rooms

    Other Voices, Other Rooms

  3. Breaking the Waves

    Breaking the Waves

  4. Microcosmos


  5. The Funeral

    The Funeral

  6. Trees Lounge

    Trees Lounge

  7. The Line King: The Al Hirschfeld Story
    Documentary Short (Certificate of Merit)

    The Line King: The Al Hirschfeld Story

  8. Genre
    Best Animated Student Film (Silver Plaque)


  9. Lilies


  10. Fire
    Best Actress (Silver Hugo)


  11. Ridicule
  12. Prisoner of the Mountains

    Prisoner of the Mountains

  13. The Dress

    The Dress

  14. Jude
    Best Actor (Silver Hugo)


  15. The Chicken from Outer Space
    Certificate of Merit

    The Chicken from Outer Space

  16. Peter and the Wolf
  17. Mother Night

    Mother Night

  18. johns


  19. Twelfth Night
    Best Ensemble Acting (Silver Hugo)

    Twelfth Night

  20. Men, Women: A User's Manual

    Men, Women: A User's Manual

  21. Bitter Sugar

    Bitter Sugar

  22. Quest
    Best Student Animated Short (Gold Hugo)


  23. In Full Gallop

    In Full Gallop

  24. Haiti. Untitled
    Best Documentary Short (Gold Plaque)

    Haiti. Untitled

  25. Ruth Orkin: Frames of Life
    Best Documentary Short (Silver Plaque)

    Ruth Orkin: Frames of Life

  26. Unhook the Stars

    Unhook the Stars

  27. Twilight of the Gods

    Twilight of the Gods

  28. Autumn Sun

    Autumn Sun

  29. Certificate of Merit - Documentary Short

    Come as You Are

  30. Never Again, Forever
    Documentary Short (Certificate of Merit)

    Never Again, Forever

  31. Hunters of Utopia
    Documentary Short (Certificate of Merit)

    Hunters of Utopia

  32. Chess Kids
    Children's Program (Gold Plaque)

    Chess Kids

  33. Plague Fighters
    Best Documentary (Gold Plaque)

    Plague Fighters

  34. 35 Aside

    35 Aside

  35. Garage Sale

    Garage Sale

  36. Scant Sanity
    Best Experimental Short Film (Silver Plaque)

    Scant Sanity

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