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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. El sur
    Best Feature (Gold Hugo)

    El sur

  2. The Last Battle

    The Last Battle

  3. Danton


  4. The Fourth Man

    The Fourth Man

  5. Utopia


  6. Suburbia
    Best First Feature Film (Silver Hugo)


  7. The Terence Davies Trilogy

    The Terence Davies Trilogy

  8. The Wounded Man

    The Wounded Man

  9. Last Night at the Alamo

    Last Night at the Alamo

  10. Entre nous

    Entre nous

  11. Sheer Madness

    Sheer Madness

  12. At the Top of the Stairs

    At the Top of the Stairs

  13. Streamers


  14. City of Lost Souls

    City of Lost Souls

  15. Declaration of Fools

    Declaration of Fools

  16. Bearn


  17. Shadow of the Earth

    Shadow of the Earth

  18. A Flower in the Rainy Night

    A Flower in the Rainy Night

  19. Funny Dirty Little War

    Funny Dirty Little War

  20. Biquefarre


  21. Eréndira


  22. Man of Flowers
    Best Feature Film (Silver Hugo)

    Man of Flowers

  23. A Love Like No Other

    A Love Like No Other

  24. A Rose for Emily

    A Rose for Emily

  25. China Lake

    China Lake

  26. Blood Brothers

    Blood Brothers

  27. Class Enemy

    Class Enemy

  28. The Islands

    The Islands

  29. Dressed in Blue

    Dressed in Blue

  30. Falasha


  31. Broken Promise

  32. Juliette's Destiny

    Juliette's Destiny

  33. The Trail

    The Trail

  34. The Rocking Horse Winner

    The Rocking Horse Winner

  35. Lucien Brouillard

    Lucien Brouillard

  36. The Laughing Star

    The Laughing Star

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