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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Ten Winters

    Ten Winters

  2. Devil's Town

    Devil's Town

  3. All That I Love

    All That I Love

  4. Of Love and Other Demons

    Of Love and Other Demons

  5. A Family Portrait

    A Family Portrait

  6. Southern District

    Southern District

  7. Off Season

    Off Season

  8. Black Field

    Black Field

  9. Besouro


  10. Lula, the Son of Brazil

    Lula, the Son of Brazil

  11. Deeper Than Yesterday
  12. The Feast of Stephen

    The Feast of Stephen

  13. Tehran


  14. Sam's Hot Dog

    Sam's Hot Dog

  15. Birthday


  16. Love & Savagery

    Love & Savagery

  17. Rita


  18. The Building Manager

    The Building Manager

  19. Moving to Mars
    Gold Plaque (Docufest Competition)

    Moving to Mars

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