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César Awards

  1. Amour
  2. Holy Motors

    Holy Motors

  3. Laurence Anyways

    Laurence Anyways

  4. Ernest and Célestine
    Best Animated Film

    Ernest and Célestine

  5. Rust and Bone
  6. In the House

    In the House

  7. Sister
  8. Our Children

    Our Children

  9. The Angels' Share

    The Angels' Share

  10. Something in the Air
    César Revelations

    Something in the Air

  11. A Royal Affair

    A Royal Affair

  12. The Invisibles
    Best Documentary Film

    The Invisibles

  13. What's in a Name
  14. Haute Cuisine

    Haute Cuisine

  15. Cherchez Hortense

    Cherchez Hortense

  16. Populaire


  17. Farewell, My Queen

    Farewell, My Queen

  18. Zarafa


  19. Oh Willy...

    Oh Willy...

  20. Camille Rewinds

    Camille Rewinds

  21. Journal de France

    Journal de France

  22. A Few Hours of Spring

    A Few Hours of Spring

  23. Augustine


  24. My Way

    My Way

  25. Just Like Brothers

    Just Like Brothers

  26. It's Not a Cowboy Movie

    It's Not a Cowboy Movie

  27. Granny's Funeral

    Granny's Funeral

  28. One Night

    One Night

  29. The Lobster's Cry
    Best Short Film

    The Lobster's Cry

  30. Bad Girl
  31. Pirate TV

    Pirate TV

  32. Big Is Beautiful

    Big Is Beautiful

  33. The Hounds

    The Hounds

  34. Hold Back

    Hold Back

  35. In a Rush

    In a Rush

  36. What We'll Leave Behind

    What We'll Leave Behind

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