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César Awards

  1. A Summer Night Rendez-vous
    Best Short Film

    A Summer Night Rendez-vous

  2. Mulholland Drive
    Best Foreign Film

    Mulholland Drive

  3. Amélie
  4. The Piano Teacher

    The Piano Teacher

  5. The Son's Room

    The Son's Room

  6. No Man's Land
  7. Va savoir

    Va savoir

  8. Read My Lips
  9. Winged Migration

    Winged Migration

  10. Intimacy


  11. The Lady and the Duke

    The Lady and the Duke

  12. My Wife Is an Actress

    My Wife Is an Actress

  13. Roberto Succo

    Roberto Succo

  14. The Officers' Ward

    The Officers' Ward

  15. How I Killed My Father
    Best Actor

    How I Killed My Father

  16. Grégoire Moulin contre l'humanité

    Grégoire Moulin contre l'humanité

  17. Tanguy


  18. Chaos
  19. Alias Betty

    Alias Betty

  20. Pretty Things

    Pretty Things

  21. A Hell of a Day

    A Hell of a Day

  22. C'est la vie

    C'est la vie

  23. Transfixed
    Most Promising Actor


  24. The Girl from Paris

    The Girl from Paris

  25. Under the Sand

    Under the Sand

  26. Pieces of My Wife

    Pieces of My Wife

  27. Millevaches [expérience]

    Millevaches [expérience]