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César Awards

  1. The Celebration

    The Celebration

  2. Central Station

    Central Station

  3. The Dreamlife of Angels

    The Dreamlife of Angels

  4. The Dinner Game

    The Dinner Game

  5. Train of Life

    Train of Life

  6. Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train

    Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train

  7. Only God Sees Me
    Best First Work

    Only God Sees Me

  8. Taxi
  9. L'ennui


  10. The School of Flesh

    The School of Flesh

  11. Jeanne and the Perfect Guy

    Jeanne and the Perfect Guy

  12. Hinterland


  13. Place Vendôme

    Place Vendôme

  14. In All Innocence

    In All Innocence

  15. Chance or Coincidence

    Chance or Coincidence

  16. Lautrec
  17. White Lies

    White Lies

  18. For Sale

    For Sale

  19. Man Is a Woman

    Man Is a Woman

  20. L'interview
    Best Short Film


  21. The Clothes Pegs

    The Clothes Pegs

  22. Let There Be Light

    Let There Be Light

  23. Most Promising Actor

    Petits désordres amoureux

  24. Le poulpe

    Le poulpe

  25. Don Juan

    Don Juan

  26. Life Is Beautiful
    Best Foreign Film

    Life Is Beautiful

  27. Titanic


  28. The Crazy Stranger

    The Crazy Stranger