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César Awards

  1. Wings of Desire

    Wings of Desire

  2. Goodbye, Children

    Goodbye, Children

  3. My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

    My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

  4. The Last Emperor

    The Last Emperor

  5. Under the Sun of Satan

    Under the Sun of Satan

  6. Masques


  7. Intervista


  8. Dark Eyes

    Dark Eyes

  9. Tandem


  10. The Grand Highway

    The Grand Highway

  11. The Innocents

    The Innocents

  12. Malady of Love

    Malady of Love

  13. The Cry of the Owl

    The Cry of the Owl

  14. Sorceress


  15. Le jupon rouge

    Le jupon rouge

  16. A Man in Love

    A Man in Love

  17. Cayenne Palace

    Cayenne Palace

  18. Flag
  19. Traveling In
    Most Promising Actor

    Traveling In

  20. Field of Honor

    Field of Honor

  21. The Cops

    The Cops

  22. Broken April

    Broken April

  23. Engagements of the Heart

    Engagements of the Heart

  24. L'oeil au beur(re) noir

    L'oeil au beur(re) noir

  25. Béatrice
  26. The Miracle Healing

    The Miracle Healing

  27. Trouble Agent

    Trouble Agent