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César Awards

  1. 150 Milligrams

    150 Milligrams

  2. Dark Inclusion

    Dark Inclusion

  3. The Fabulous Patars

    The Fabulous Patars

  4. Animated Journal

    Animated Journal

  5. Médecin de campagne

    Médecin de campagne

  6. Chasse royale

    Chasse royale

  7. Après Suzanne

    Après Suzanne

  8. A Decent Man

    A Decent Man

  9. Peripheria


  10. Café froid

    Café froid

  11. He Who Has Two Souls
    Best Animated Film (Short)

    He Who Has Two Souls

  12. When You Hear The Bells

    When You Hear The Bells

  13. Maman(s)
    Best Short Film


  14. Rosalie Blum

    Rosalie Blum