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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Happy Together
    Best Director

    Happy Together

  2. Taste of Cherry
    Palme d'Or

    Taste of Cherry

  3. L.A. Confidential

    L.A. Confidential

  4. Funny Games

    Funny Games

  5. The Fifth Element

    The Fifth Element

  6. The Ice Storm
    Best Screenplay

    The Ice Storm

  7. Brother


  8. The Sweet Hereafter

    The Sweet Hereafter

  9. The Life of Jésus
    Special Mention: Golden Camera

    The Life of Jésus

  10. The House

    The House

  11. The Eel
    Palme d'Or

    The Eel

  12. Insomnia


  13. Ma vie en rose

    Ma vie en rose

  14. Train of Shadows

    Train of Shadows

  15. Nil by Mouth
    Best Actress

    Nil by Mouth

  16. Suzaku
    Golden Camera


  17. In the Company of Men

    In the Company of Men

  18. The Blackout

    The Blackout

  19. Bent
    Award of the Youth (Foreign Film)


  20. Voyage to the Beginning of the World

    Voyage to the Beginning of the World

  21. The Turkish Bath

    The Turkish Bath

  22. Assassin(s)


  23. The Perfect Circle
    François Chalais Award

    The Perfect Circle

  24. Character
    Grand Golden Rail


  25. Destiny


  26. She's So Lovely

    She's So Lovely

  27. The Brave

    The Brave

  28. The Forbidden Woman

    The Forbidden Woman

  29. Ma 6-T va crack-er

    Ma 6-T va crack-er

  30. Love and Death on Long Island

    Love and Death on Long Island

  31. Absolute Power

    Absolute Power

  32. Buud Yam

    Buud Yam

  33. Welcome to Sarajevo

    Welcome to Sarajevo

  34. Over the Rainbow

    Over the Rainbow

  35. Journey on the Hour Hand

    Journey on the Hour Hand

  36. Junk Mail
    Mercedes-Benz Award

    Junk Mail

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