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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Zoo zéro

    Zoo zéro

  2. The Marriage of Maria Braun

    The Marriage of Maria Braun

  3. Fedora


  4. Empire of Passion
    Best Director

    Empire of Passion

  5. The Tree of Wooden Clogs

    The Tree of Wooden Clogs

  6. Koko: A Talking Gorilla

    Koko: A Talking Gorilla

  7. The Last Waltz

    The Last Waltz

  8. Midnight Express

    Midnight Express

  9. Ecce bombo

    Ecce bombo

  10. Jubilee


  11. Girlfriends


  12. Pretty Baby
    Technical Grand Prize

    Pretty Baby

  13. Despair


  14. The Scenic Route

    The Scenic Route

  15. Coming Home
    Best Actor

    Coming Home

  16. Bye Bye Monkey
    Grand Prize of the Jury

    Bye Bye Monkey

  17. Violette
    Best Actress


  18. The Shout
    Grand Prize of the Jury

    The Shout

  19. The Left-Handed Woman

    The Left-Handed Woman

  20. An Unmarried Woman
    Best Actress

    An Unmarried Woman

  21. The 51 File

    The 51 File

  22. The Shooting Party

    The Shooting Party

  23. Bilbao


  24. The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith

    The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith

  25. Who'll Stop the Rain

    Who'll Stop the Rain

  26. Molière


  27. Fine Manners

    Fine Manners

  28. The Mafu Cage

    The Mafu Cage

  29. Rowing Across the Atlantic
    Palme d'Or - Best Short Film

    Rowing Across the Atlantic

  30. Renaldo and Clara

    Renaldo and Clara

  31. The Bronswik Affair

    The Bronswik Affair

  32. The Getting of Wisdom

    The Getting of Wisdom

  33. Blindfolded Eyes

    Blindfolded Eyes

  34. Ocana, an Intermittent Portrait

    Ocana, an Intermittent Portrait

  35. Colonel Delmira Gouveia

    Colonel Delmira Gouveia

  36. Summer Showers

    Summer Showers

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