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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Antoine and Antoinette
    Best Psychological and Love Film

    Antoine and Antoinette

  2. Crossfire
    Best Social Film


  3. Possessed


  4. Paris 1900

    Paris 1900

  5. A Ship to India

    A Ship to India

  6. Ivy


  7. Boomerang!


  8. The Damned
    Best Adventure and Crime Film

    The Damned

  9. The Chips Are Down

    The Chips Are Down

  10. Flesh Will Surrender

    Flesh Will Surrender

  11. The Captain's Daughter

    The Captain's Daughter

  12. Two Women

    Two Women

  13. Mine Own Executioner

    Mine Own Executioner

  14. Les amants du pont Saint-Jean

    Les amants du pont Saint-Jean

  15. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

    The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

  16. The Chase
  17. The Jolson Story

    The Jolson Story

  18. Ziegfeld Follies
    Best Musical Comedy

    Ziegfeld Follies

  19. Dumbo
    Best Animation Design