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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Agnes Browne

    Agnes Browne

  2. Temptation of Innocence

    Temptation of Innocence

  3. Hometown Blue

    Hometown Blue

  4. La puce
    2nd Place: Cinefondation Award

    La puce

  5. The Shade

    The Shade

  6. Flowers from Another World
    Mercedes-Benz Award

    Flowers from Another World

  7. The Cup

    The Cup

  8. Siam Sunset
    Grand Golden Rail

    Siam Sunset

  9. Edtv


  10. The Courtyard

    The Courtyard

  11. On Board

    On Board

  12. Billy's Balloon

    Billy's Balloon

  13. The Barber of Siberia

    The Barber of Siberia

  14. The Emperor and the Assassin
    Technical Grand Prize

    The Emperor and the Assassin

  15. So Close to Paradise

    So Close to Paradise

  16. Germania


  17. Dimanche


  18. Fuzzy Logic

    Fuzzy Logic

  19. Le franc

    Le franc

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