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Cannes Film Festival

  1. Too Late

    Too Late

  2. Ridicule


  3. The Daytrippers

    The Daytrippers

  4. Prisoner of the Mountains
    FIPRESCI Prize

    Prisoner of the Mountains

  5. Temptress Moon

    Temptress Moon

  6. Jude


  7. Girl 6

    Girl 6

  8. A Beach Near Belfast

    A Beach Near Belfast

  9. Bastard Out of Carolina

    Bastard Out of Carolina

  10. Opening Day of Close-Up

    Opening Day of Close-Up

  11. La bouche de Jean-Pierre

    La bouche de Jean-Pierre

  12. The Van

    The Van

  13. Tree of Blood

    Tree of Blood

  14. Full Speed

    Full Speed

  15. The Pallbearer

    The Pallbearer

  16. Elective Affinities

    Elective Affinities

  17. Buenos Aires vice versa

    Buenos Aires vice versa

  18. Perfect Love

    Perfect Love

  19. The Awakening
    Small Golden Rail

    The Awakening

  20. Passages


  21. In Full Gallop

    In Full Gallop

  22. A Drifting Life
    Special Mention: Prize of the Ecumenical Jury

    A Drifting Life

  23. Some Mother's Son

    Some Mother's Son

  24. Salut cousin!

    Salut cousin!

  25. The Quiet Room

    The Quiet Room

  26. The Beach

    The Beach

  27. The Girl and the Almond

    The Girl and the Almond

  28. The Confessions of an Innocent Man

    The Confessions of an Innocent Man

  29. Not Me!

    Not Me!

  30. No Way to Forget

    No Way to Forget

  31. Elie Wiesel Goes Home

    Elie Wiesel Goes Home

  32. Inside


  33. Youth Without God

    Youth Without God

  34. Haifa


  35. Oedipus Mayor

    Oedipus Mayor

  36. Encore