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Cairo International Film Festival

  1. Mimosas
  2. I, Olga

    I, Olga

  3. Perfect Strangers
    Best Screenplay (International Film Competition)

    Perfect Strangers

  4. Ascension
    Special Mention: Cinema of Tomorrow Award


  5. Kills on Wheels
    Bronze Pyramid

    Kills on Wheels

  6. The Carer

    The Carer

  7. The Stopover

    The Stopover

  8. We Are Never Alone
    Best Artistic Contribution

    We Are Never Alone

  9. A Good Wife

    A Good Wife

  10. Hizam


  11. A Footnote in Ballet History?

    A Footnote in Ballet History?

  12. A Day for Women
    Best Actress

    A Day for Women

  13. The Polar Boy

    The Polar Boy

  14. Dogs


  15. Anna's Life
    FIPRESCI Prize (International Competition)

    Anna's Life

  16. Sweet Smell of Spring
    Best Arabic Film

    Sweet Smell of Spring

  17. Layla M.

    Layla M.

  18. The Train of Salt and Sugar
    Best Director

    The Train of Salt and Sugar

  19. A Heavy Heart

    A Heavy Heart

  20. Ave Maria

    Ave Maria

  21. The Sound of Concrete

    The Sound of Concrete

  22. Chronicles of My Village

    Chronicles of My Village