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Cairo International Film Festival

  1. Timbuktu


  2. Los Hongos

    Los Hongos

  3. Theeb
    Jury Prize for Best Cinematography and Artistic Direction


  4. The Fool

    The Fool

  5. A Hard Day

    A Hard Day

  6. Love at First Fight
    Best Actress (Silver Pyramid)

    Love at First Fight

  7. Songs from the North

    Songs from the North

  8. Joy of Man's Desiring

    Joy of Man's Desiring

  9. Giovanni's Island

    Giovanni's Island

  10. No One's Child
    Best Film (Cairo Film Critics' Week)

    No One's Child

  11. Melbourne
    Best Film (Golden Pyramid)


  12. Sand Dollars
    FIPRESCI Prize (International Competition (Feature Films))

    Sand Dollars

  13. Eyes of a Thief
    Best Actor (Silver Pyramid)

    Eyes of a Thief

  14. Scheherazade's Diary
    Best Arabic Film

    Scheherazade's Diary

  15. Boy and the World
    Best Screenplay (Silver Pyramid)

    Boy and the World

  16. The Challat of Tunis

    The Challat of Tunis

  17. A Cinema of Discontent

    A Cinema of Discontent