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Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema

  1. Summer 1993

    Summer 1993

  2. The Other Side of Hope

    The Other Side of Hope

  3. Araby
    Special Mention: International Competition


  4. António One Two Three

    António One Two Three

  5. On the Beach at Night Alone

    On the Beach at Night Alone

  6. My Body Is Political

    My Body Is Political

  7. In the Intense Now

    In the Intense Now

  8. Maison du Bonheur

    Maison du Bonheur

  9. Casa Roshell

    Casa Roshell

  10. Chavela


  11. The Little Match Girl

    The Little Match Girl

  12. Dieste [Uruguay]

    Dieste [Uruguay]

  13. Have a Nice Day

    Have a Nice Day

  14. So Long Enthusiasm
    Best Feature Film - Avant-Garde and Genre

    So Long Enthusiasm

  15. Bright Nights

    Bright Nights

  16. The Territories

    The Territories

  17. Barrage


  18. Animals


  19. Niñato
    Best Film (International Competition)


  20. Beuys


  21. Tonsler Park
    Best Film (Human Rights Award)

    Tonsler Park

  22. The Young Karl Marx

    The Young Karl Marx

  23. Spell Reel

    Spell Reel

  24. Golden Exits

    Golden Exits

  25. Newton


  26. Adriana's Pact

    Adriana's Pact

  27. The Misandrists

    The Misandrists

  28. The Bar

    The Bar

  29. Super Taboo

    Super Taboo

  30. Wild Mane Crop

    Wild Mane Crop

  31. Cínicos


  32. The Cinephiles

    The Cinephiles

  33. The Paris Opera

    The Paris Opera

  34. Paris Is a Moveable Feast: A Film in 18 Waves

    Paris Is a Moveable Feast: A Film in 18 Waves

  35. Keep that Dream Burning

    Keep that Dream Burning

  36. Strange Birds

    Strange Birds

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