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Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema

  1. Les coquillettes

    Les coquillettes

  2. More Than Honey

    More Than Honey

  3. Elena


  4. Mekong Hotel

    Mekong Hotel

  5. A Hijacking

    A Hijacking

  6. Historic Centre

    Historic Centre

  7. Fogo


  8. Mold


  9. Night Across the Street

    Night Across the Street

  10. Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

    Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction

  11. Viola
  12. A World Not Ours

    A World Not Ours

  13. Sofia's Last Ambulance

    Sofia's Last Ambulance

  14. The Lebanese Rocket Society

    The Lebanese Rocket Society

  15. Exit Elena

    Exit Elena

  16. Outrage Beyond

    Outrage Beyond

  17. Young & Wild
    Best Feature Film - Avant-Garde and Genre

    Young & Wild

  18. A Story for the Modlins
    Best Short Film - Avant Garde and Genre

    A Story for the Modlins

  19. Leones
    Special Jury Prize (International Competition)


  20. My Blue-Eyed Girl

    My Blue-Eyed Girl

  21. Tchoupitoulas


  22. Inori


  23. Morning of Saint Anthony’s Day

    Morning of Saint Anthony’s Day

  24. Big Easy Express

    Big Easy Express

  25. La madre

    La madre

  26. Call Girl

    Call Girl

  27. The Shine of Day

    The Shine of Day

  28. Housemaids


  29. Turning


  30. Winter, Go Away!

    Winter, Go Away!

  31. Playback
    Special Mention: International Competition


  32. Bloody Daughter

    Bloody Daughter

  33. Avanti Popolo

    Avanti Popolo

  34. Enjoy Yourself

    Enjoy Yourself

  35. Far from Afghanistan

    Far from Afghanistan

  36. Moon Man

    Moon Man