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Brooklyn Film Festival

  1. Pitch Black Panacea
    Spirit Award - Animation

    Pitch Black Panacea

  2. Lions in the Corner

    Lions in the Corner

  3. Stan


  4. Zoro's Solo

    Zoro's Solo

  5. Antílope


  6. Metro


  7. Sisters: Dream & Variations

    Sisters: Dream & Variations

  8. Woman Without a Child
    Certificate of Outstanding Achievement - Actor Female

    Woman Without a Child

  9. Portrait of Suzanne

    Portrait of Suzanne

  10. Macabre
    Audience Award - Feature Narrative


  11. Why Z?

    Why Z?

  12. Domino Effect

    Domino Effect

  13. I'll End Up in Jail
    Certificate of Outstanding Achievement - Cinematography

    I'll End Up in Jail

  14. Take Me to Prom

    Take Me to Prom

  15. Suffocation
    Spirit Award - Feature Narrative


  16. Suite After the Furies
    Spirit Award - Experimental

    Suite After the Furies

  17. In Dreams, In Reverse

    In Dreams, In Reverse

  18. The Masque of Blackness

    The Masque of Blackness

  19. Rooftop Refuge

    Rooftop Refuge

  20. Anna and the Inexpressible Feeling of Being Lost

    Anna and the Inexpressible Feeling of Being Lost

  21. Brother, Move On

    Brother, Move On

  22. Before Oblivion
    Certificate of Outstanding Achievement - Producer

    Before Oblivion

  23. On the Side

    On the Side

  24. Decorum