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Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films

  1. Crystal Swan

    Crystal Swan

  2. Veslemøy’s Song

    Veslemøy’s Song

  3. The Trial

    The Trial

  4. Counterfeit Kunkoo
    Fiction Mikeldi

    Counterfeit Kunkoo

  5. Trees Down Here

    Trees Down Here

  6. Fausto
    Special Mention: ZINEBI First Film


  7. August at Akiko's

    August at Akiko's

  8. Ada Kaleh

    Ada Kaleh

  9. The Christmas Gift
    Best Basque Screenplay

    The Christmas Gift

  10. Meeting Gorbachev

    Meeting Gorbachev

  11. Monrovia, Indiana

    Monrovia, Indiana

  12. Second Time Around

    Second Time Around

  13. The Labyrinth

    The Labyrinth

  14. Searching for Ingmar Bergman

    Searching for Ingmar Bergman

  15. Acid Forest
    ZINEBI First Film

    Acid Forest

  16. Srbenka


  17. Russa


  18. Casanova Gene

    Casanova Gene

  19. Sister


  20. The Silence of the Dying Fish

    The Silence of the Dying Fish

  21. Tracing Addai
    Animation Mikeldi

    Tracing Addai

  22. I Signed the Petition
    Documentary Mikeldi

    I Signed the Petition

  23. Inland
    ZINEBI Networking 2018 Award


  24. Graves Without a Name

    Graves Without a Name

  25. Aquapark


  26. Le Mans 1955

    Le Mans 1955

  27. Playing Death

    Playing Death

  28. The Forces

    The Forces

  29. Untravel
    UNICEF Award


  30. The Endless Day

    The Endless Day

  31. Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob?

    Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob?

  32. Fabricando mujeres

    Fabricando mujeres

  33. El Aleteo de la Mariposa
    Cine Club FAS Award

    El Aleteo de la Mariposa

  34. Vaca


  35. Summerfest


  36. A Windy Day

    A Windy Day

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