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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Before Sunrise
    Best Director

    Before Sunrise

  2. Smoke
    Special Jury Prize (Silver Berlin Bear)


  3. The Addiction

    The Addiction

  4. The Corridor

    The Corridor

  5. One Hundred and One Nights

    One Hundred and One Nights

  6. Blue in the Face

    Blue in the Face

  7. Butterfly Kiss

    Butterfly Kiss

  8. Nico Icon

    Nico Icon

  9. Marble Ass
    Teddy Award

    Marble Ass

  10. Midaq Alley
    Special Mention

    Midaq Alley

  11. When Night Is Falling

    When Night Is Falling

  12. Surprise!


  13. Repeat
  14. Funny Bones

    Funny Bones

  15. Wigstock: The Movie

    Wigstock: The Movie

  16. Fresh Bait
  17. Middle of the Moment

    Middle of the Moment

  18. The Tokyo Siblings

    The Tokyo Siblings

  19. The Promise

    The Promise

  20. Son of Gascogne

    Son of Gascogne

  21. King of the River

    King of the River

  22. Swerve


  23. A Play for a Passenger
    Silver Berlin Bear (Outstanding Single Achievement)

    A Play for a Passenger

  24. The Hole

    The Hole

  25. Hades


  26. Madagascar
    Caligari Film Award


  27. A Boy Called Hate

    A Boy Called Hate

  28. Mayday


  29. Menmaniacs: The Legacy of Leather

    Menmaniacs: The Legacy of Leather

  30. The Last Supper
    Teddy Award (Panorama)

    The Last Supper

  31. Afrique, mon Afrique...

    Afrique, mon Afrique...

  32. The Meds

    The Meds

  33. Lie Down with Dogs

    Lie Down with Dogs

  34. Moondance


  35. My Baby Left Me
    Best Short Film (Golden Berlin Bear)

    My Baby Left Me

  36. The Bat

    The Bat

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