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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Le bonheur

    Le bonheur

  2. The Rabbit Is Me
  3. Karla
  4. Berlin Around the Corner

    Berlin Around the Corner

  5. When You Grow Up, Dear Adam

    When You Grow Up, Dear Adam

  6. 491


  7. The Anger

    The Anger

  8. Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation

    Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation

  9. The End of Summer

    The End of Summer

  10. Miracle of Malachias

    Miracle of Malachias

  11. Pickpocket


  12. The Bridge

    The Bridge

  13. Verboten!


  14. Ashes and Diamonds

    Ashes and Diamonds

  15. Ivan the Terrible, Part II

    Ivan the Terrible, Part II

  16. Jonas


  17. Night and Fog

    Night and Fog

  18. The Burmese Harp

    The Burmese Harp

  19. The Seven Year Itch

    The Seven Year Itch

  20. The Last Ten Days

    The Last Ten Days

  21. Tiefland


  22. M. Hulot's Holiday

    M. Hulot's Holiday

  23. Gate of Hell

    Gate of Hell

  24. The Bandit

    The Bandit

  25. The River

    The River

  26. Germany Year Zero

    Germany Year Zero

  27. Children of the Beehive

    Children of the Beehive

  28. Somewhere in Europe

    Somewhere in Europe

  29. The Tragic Hunt

    The Tragic Hunt

  30. The Damned

    The Damned

  31. The Stranger

    The Stranger

  32. Under the Bridges

    Under the Bridges

  33. Let There Be Light

    Let There Be Light

  34. The Bandit

    The Bandit

  35. La bataille du rail

    La bataille du rail

  36. The Victory of Women

    The Victory of Women