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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary

    Blind Spot: Hitler's Secretary

  2. Marlene Dietrich: Her Own Song

    Marlene Dietrich: Her Own Song

  3. Piñero
    C.I.C.A.E. Award (Panorama)


  4. Regina


  5. One Day in August

    One Day in August

  6. Friends in High Places

    Friends in High Places

  7. The Children of Russia

    The Children of Russia

  8. Delivery Day
  9. On the High Seas

    On the High Seas

  10. Roadmovie


  11. Just a Woman
    Teddy Jury Award

    Just a Woman

  12. The Play is on...

    The Play is on...

  13. Dust


  14. Exit


  15. Weekend Plot

    Weekend Plot

  16. The Antman

    The Antman

  17. One Night the Moon

    One Night the Moon

  18. Girls on Top

    Girls on Top

  19. On the Road to Emmaus

    On the Road to Emmaus

  20. 99euro-films


  21. Fish and Elephant
    Special Mention: Netpac Award

    Fish and Elephant

  22. A Passage to Ottawa
    Special Mention: Best Feature Film (Crystal Bear)

    A Passage to Ottawa

  23. L'ange de goudron
    Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (Panorama)

    L'ange de goudron

  24. America So Beautiful

    America So Beautiful

  25. Black Box BRD

    Black Box BRD

  26. Sass


  27. Getting My Brother Laid

    Getting My Brother Laid

  28. Warrior of Light

    Warrior of Light

  29. No Regrets

    No Regrets

  30. Shanghai Panic

    Shanghai Panic

  31. Happy Times

    Happy Times

  32. Along the Railway

    Along the Railway

  33. Red Sun

    Red Sun

  34. Charles, Dead or Alive

    Charles, Dead or Alive

  35. Reconstruction


  36. Herbst der Gammler

    Herbst der Gammler