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Berlin International Film Festival

  1. Dreileben: Don't Follow Me Around

    Dreileben: Don't Follow Me Around

  2. Twenty Cigarettes

    Twenty Cigarettes

  3. Patang


  4. Sleepless Nights Stories

    Sleepless Nights Stories

  5. Innocent Saturday

    Innocent Saturday

  6. Khodorkovsky


  7. Come Rain, Come Shine

    Come Rain, Come Shine

  8. Tales of the Night

    Tales of the Night

  9. Unknown


  10. She Monkeys
    Special Mention: Best Feature Film - Generation 14plus (Crystal Bear)

    She Monkeys

  11. Harvest
    Reader Jury of the Siegessäule


  12. Absent
    Teddy Award: Best Feature Film


  13. Eighty Letters

    Eighty Letters

  14. Late Bloomers

    Late Bloomers

  15. The Forgiveness of Blood

    The Forgiveness of Blood

  16. HERE
    C.I.C.A.E. Award (Panorama)


  17. Sunday
    Special Mention: Best Short Film (Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk)


  18. Susya


  19. Dreileben: One Minute of Darkness

    Dreileben: One Minute of Darkness

  20. Amnesty
    C.I.C.A.E. Award (Forum of New Cinema)


  21. Day Is Done

    Day Is Done

  22. Utopia Ltd.

    Utopia Ltd.

  23. The Terrorists

    The Terrorists

  24. Mondo Lux: The Visual Worlds of Werner Schroeter

    Mondo Lux: The Visual Worlds of Werner Schroeter

  25. On the Ice
  26. If Not Us, Who?
  27. Spring


  28. The Bad Intentions

    The Bad Intentions

  29. Green Crayons

    Green Crayons

  30. Silent River

    Silent River

  31. Battle of the Queens

    Battle of the Queens

  32. Utopians


  33. Under Control

    Under Control

  34. An Angel in Doel
    Special Mention: Prize of the Ecumenical Jury (Forum of New Cinema)

    An Angel in Doel

  35. Whatsoeverly


  36. The Big Eden

    The Big Eden