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Belfast Film Festival

  1. We Were Here

    We Were Here

  2. Killing Bono

    Killing Bono

  3. Amy George

    Amy George

  4. Behold the Lamb

    Behold the Lamb

  5. Self Made

    Self Made

  6. Meek's Cutoff

    Meek's Cutoff

  7. Poetry


  8. Sound of Noise

    Sound of Noise

  9. 13 Assassins

    13 Assassins

  10. Honey


  11. Rubber


  12. Marwencol


  13. Little White Lies

    Little White Lies

  14. Armadillo


  15. Finisterrae


  16. A Screaming Man

    A Screaming Man

  17. Simple Simon

    Simple Simon

  18. How I Ended This Summer

    How I Ended This Summer

  19. You Are Here

    You Are Here

  20. And Everything Is Going Fine

    And Everything Is Going Fine

  21. The Green Wave

    The Green Wave

  22. Steam of Life

    Steam of Life

  23. The Way

    The Way

  24. Stake Land

    Stake Land

  25. Reign of Assassins

    Reign of Assassins

  26. Position Among the Stars

    Position Among the Stars

  27. The Princess of Montpensier

    The Princess of Montpensier

  28. Oranges and Sunshine

    Oranges and Sunshine

  29. Upside Down: The Creation Records Story

    Upside Down: The Creation Records Story

  30. Young Girls in Black

    Young Girls in Black

  31. Peepli Live

    Peepli Live

  32. Small Town Murder Songs

    Small Town Murder Songs

  33. Gallants


  34. Holy Wars

    Holy Wars

  35. Outcast


  36. Beijing Taxi

    Beijing Taxi