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Argentine Film Critics Association Awards

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road

  2. The Fire

    The Fire

  3. Dog Lady

    Dog Lady

  4. Damiana Kryygi

    Damiana Kryygi

  5. My Friend From The Park

    My Friend From The Park

  6. The Clan
  7. Paulina


  8. Truman


  9. Eva Doesn't Sleep

    Eva Doesn't Sleep

  10. Pianists Street
    Best documentary

    Pianists Street

  11. Catalina and the Sun

    Catalina and the Sun

  12. Rice and Matchsticks

    Rice and Matchsticks

  13. El Dorado de Ford

    El Dorado de Ford

  14. La Variación de López

    La Variación de López

  15. Pájaros Negros

    Pájaros Negros

  16. Safe Passage

    Safe Passage

  17. Los del suelo

    Los del suelo

  18. Kryptonita


  19. Abzurdah


  20. How Almost Everything Works

    How Almost Everything Works

  21. The Memory of Water

    The Memory of Water

  22. Butterfly


  23. Mommy


  24. Two Days, One Night
    Best Foreign Film, Not in the Spanish Language

    Two Days, One Night

  25. Clouds of Sils Maria

    Clouds of Sils Maria

  26. Horse Money

    Horse Money

  27. Natural Sciences

    Natural Sciences

  28. The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime

    The Boss, Anatomy of a Crime

  29. Somebody's Life

    Somebody's Life

  30. Cuchipanderos


  31. Pistas para volver a casa

    Pistas para volver a casa

  32. In the Clouds
    Best Short Film

    In the Clouds

  33. How to Win Enemies

    How to Win Enemies

  34. El Cinco

    El Cinco

  35. Young & Beautiful

    Young & Beautiful

  36. Gloria


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