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Argentine Film Critics Association Awards

  1. The Wild Ones

    The Wild Ones

  2. White Elephant

    White Elephant

  3. Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

  4. Vinyl Days

    Vinyl Days

  5. Everybody Has a Plan

    Everybody Has a Plan

  6. The Last Elvis

    The Last Elvis

  7. 2+2
  8. The German Friend

    The German Friend

  9. A Separation
    Best Foreign Film, Not in the Spanish Language

    A Separation

  10. Le Havre

    Le Havre

  11. The Artist

    The Artist

  12. The Mill and the Cross

    The Mill and the Cross

  13. Clandestine Childhood

    Clandestine Childhood

  14. The Bad Intentions

    The Bad Intentions

  15. In the Open

    In the Open

  16. Asleep in the Sun

    Asleep in the Sun