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Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

  1. Toll Booth
  2. Black and White

    Black and White

  3. Press
  4. Bicycle
    Dijital Film Akademisi Ödülü


  5. Majority
  6. Cirkus Columbia
    Best Foreign Language Film

    Cirkus Columbia

  7. The Crossing
    Best Supporting Actor

    The Crossing

  8. Hair
  9. Shadows and Faces

    Shadows and Faces

  10. White as Snow
    Best Music

    White as Snow

  11. Merry-Go-Round
  12. Dooman River
    Best Foreign Language Film

    Dooman River

  13. 180°


  14. Paper
    Best Supporting Actress


  15. Signora Enrica

    Signora Enrica

  16. Offside
    Best Debut Documentary