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Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

  1. Thirst
    Netpac Award


  2. 10 to 11

    10 to 11

  3. Cosmos
  4. Wrong Rosary

    Wrong Rosary

  5. Katalin Varga
    Best Actress

    Katalin Varga

  6. Before Your Eyes
    Behlül Dal Special Jury Award

    Before Your Eyes

  7. Envy
    Best Actress


  8. Five Cities
  9. Love in Another Language
    Best Film (Special Jury Award)

    Love in Another Language

  10. Bornova Bornova

    Bornova Bornova

  11. Piano Girl
    Best Music

    Piano Girl

  12. The Other Bank

    The Other Bank

  13. 40
    Behlül Dal Special Jury Award


  14. Black Dogs Barking
    Best Supporting Actor

    Black Dogs Barking

  15. On the Way to School
    Best First Film

    On the Way to School