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Ann Arbor Film Festival

  1. RGBebop / Anthropology

    RGBebop / Anthropology

  2. Call of Comfort

    Call of Comfort

  3. Mr. Deer

    Mr. Deer

  4. The Fear of Dying in Transit

    The Fear of Dying in Transit

  5. On Destruction and Preservation
    Ken Burns Award for Best of the Festival

    On Destruction and Preservation

  6. Meow Wolf: Origin Story

    Meow Wolf: Origin Story

  7. Three Centimetres

    Three Centimetres

  8. Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off)

    Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off)

  9. Burkina Brandenburg Komplex

    Burkina Brandenburg Komplex

  10. My Friend the Polish Girl

    My Friend the Polish Girl

  11. At the Horizon
    Tíos Award for Best International Film

    At the Horizon

  12. Phantom Ride Phantom
    Jury Award

    Phantom Ride Phantom

  13. How We Live

    How We Live

  14. A God's Shadow

    A God's Shadow

  15. Neither Spring Nor Estuary

    Neither Spring Nor Estuary

  16. Scaling Quelccaya

    Scaling Quelccaya

  17. Why Did You Cry When You Read that Poem

    Why Did You Cry When You Read that Poem

  18. Leafcutters
    Gil Omenn Art and Science Award


  19. Sun Moon Wind Plant Animal

  20. Object Dream
    Jury Award

    Object Dream

  21. Landscape of Absence

    Landscape of Absence

  22. <3


  23. Silo


  24. Clean Slate

    Clean Slate

  25. Rabbit Tracks

    Rabbit Tracks

  26. 2MissedCalls

  27. Danceforyourdaddy


  28. Flowers
    Lawrence Kasdan Award for Best Narrative Film


  29. Tetra Rotate

    Tetra Rotate

  30. As Above, So Below
    PROCAM Best Regional Filmmaker Award

    As Above, So Below

  31. Dreamland


  32. Crux


  33. In a Free Sound Field

    In a Free Sound Field

  34. North of Eden

    North of Eden

  35. Maze of Noumenon

    Maze of Noumenon

  36. Fever Freaks

    Fever Freaks