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Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival

  1. Brother's Keeper

    Brother's Keeper

  2. Black Harvest
  3. The Restless Garden

    The Restless Garden

  4. Memory of Water
    IDFA Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary

    Memory of Water

  5. The Art of Dying

  6. Siki


  7. Part Time God

    Part Time God

  8. Landscapes Unknown

    Landscapes Unknown

  9. The Ditvoorst Domains

    The Ditvoorst Domains

  10. Liberators Take Liberties

    Liberators Take Liberties

  11. Sacred Sex

    Sacred Sex

  12. Dreams and Silence

    Dreams and Silence

  13. Zhana-Arka


  14. Champion Number One

    Champion Number One

  15. Christo in Paris

    Christo in Paris

  16. Crossroad Street

    Crossroad Street

  17. Islands


  18. The Photograph That Goes Through the World

    The Photograph That Goes Through the World

  19. Here and Elsewhere

    Here and Elsewhere

  20. Waiting for Fidel

    Waiting for Fidel

  21. F for Fake

    F for Fake

  22. Bay of Pigs

  23. The 17th Parallel: Vietnam in War

    The 17th Parallel: Vietnam in War

  24. For the First Time

    For the First Time

  25. The Voice of the Water

    The Voice of the Water

  26. Hurricane


  27. Sailing


  28. Travel Notebook

  29. On the Bowery

    On the Bowery

  30. Vieren maar!

    Vieren maar!

  31. Parlevinkers


  32. Broken Dykes

    Broken Dykes

  33. New Earth

    New Earth

  34. Rain