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AFI Fest

  1. Bobby G Can't Swim

    Bobby G Can't Swim

  2. All About My Mother

    All About My Mother

  3. After the Rain

    After the Rain

  4. Gemini


  5. Cosy Dens

    Cosy Dens

  6. East Is East

    East Is East

  7. Set Me Free

    Set Me Free

  8. Mifune's Last Song
    European Film Award

    Mifune's Last Song

  9. Harem suaré

    Harem suaré

  10. Vanaprastham: The Last Dance

    Vanaprastham: The Last Dance

  11. The Carriers Are Waiting

    The Carriers Are Waiting

  12. Music of the Heart

    Music of the Heart

  13. American Hollow
    Documentary Award

    American Hollow

  14. Magnetist's Fifth Winter

    Magnetist's Fifth Winter

  15. Ambush


  16. Best Actress

    The Young Girl and the Monsoon

  17. Not of This World
  18. The Legend of 1900

    The Legend of 1900

  19. Birdcage Inn

    Birdcage Inn

  20. The Emperor and the Assassin

    The Emperor and the Assassin

  21. The Blue Summer

    The Blue Summer

  22. Charming Billy
    Best Actor

    Charming Billy

  23. Life Is to Whistle

    Life Is to Whistle

  24. Alice


  25. From the Life of the Marionettes

    From the Life of the Marionettes