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Abu Dhabi Film Festival

  1. She Monkeys

    She Monkeys

  2. The End

    The End

  3. Seated by the Fire

    Seated by the Fire

  4. Trishna


  5. The Wedding Tape

    The Wedding Tape

  6. This Narrow Place

    This Narrow Place

  7. Children of the Night

    Children of the Night

  8. The City Dark

    The City Dark

  9. The Last Mountain

    The Last Mountain

  10. Kite


  11. Sea Shadow

    Sea Shadow

  12. Swing


  13. Skateistan: To Live & Skate in Kabul

    Skateistan: To Live & Skate in Kabul

  14. Written in Ink
    Best Documentary Short (Black Pearl Award)

    Written in Ink

  15. A Marriage

    A Marriage

  16. Lucky
  17. Always Brando
    Best Producer (Black Pearl Award)

    Always Brando

  18. The Moth Diaries

    The Moth Diaries

  19. Layers


  20. Kingdom of Women

    Kingdom of Women

  21. Our Accent

    Our Accent

  22. Symphony of Letters

    Symphony of Letters

  23. Faces of Petra

    Faces of Petra

  24. A Night to Remember

    A Night to Remember

  25. Tears of Sand
    Best Actress (New Horizons Competition)

    Tears of Sand

  26. Almost in Love

    Almost in Love

  27. A Falcon Will Not Breed a Dove

    A Falcon Will Not Breed a Dove

  28. Photon


  29. Limpid Springs

    Limpid Springs

  30. Seeing You

    Seeing You

  31. Halfway


  32. Mad Camel

    Mad Camel

  33. Reverie


  34. In MIrror

    In MIrror

  35. Maher's Camera

    Maher's Camera

  36. Sa'eed