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Frameline: San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival

  1. The Way He Looks
    Audience Award

    The Way He Looks

  2. Lilting
    Honorable Mention: Outstanding First Feature


  3. Boys


  4. Appropriate Behavior

    Appropriate Behavior

  5. Yves Saint Laurent

    Yves Saint Laurent

  6. Something Must Break
    Best First Feature

    Something Must Break

  7. Futuro Beach

    Futuro Beach

  8. Regarding Susan Sontag
    Honorable Mention: Best Documentary

    Regarding Susan Sontag

  9. Boy Meets Girl

    Boy Meets Girl

  10. Wandering Clouds

    Wandering Clouds

  11. The Case Against 8

    The Case Against 8

  12. I Am Happiness on Earth

    I Am Happiness on Earth

  13. Good Morning

    Good Morning

  14. The Disgustings

    The Disgustings

  15. Black is Blue
    Audience Award

    Black is Blue

  16. Kumu Hina
    Best Documentary

    Kumu Hina

  17. Eat with Me

    Eat with Me

  18. Helicopter Mom

    Helicopter Mom

  19. Of Girls and Horses

    Of Girls and Horses

  20. Folsom Forever

    Folsom Forever

  21. The Third One

    The Third One

  22. Holiday


  23. Burger


  24. To Be Takei

    To Be Takei

  25. The Foxy Merkins

    The Foxy Merkins

  26. Bad Hair

    Bad Hair

  27. You and the Night

    You and the Night

  28. Wetlands


  29. Violette


  30. 52 Tuesdays

    52 Tuesdays

  31. Gerontophilia


  32. Salvation Army

    Salvation Army

  33. I Feel Like Disco

    I Feel Like Disco

  34. Dual


  35. Floating Skyscrapers

    Floating Skyscrapers

  36. Boygame