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Frameline: San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival

  1. Buddies


  2. The Angelic Conversation

    The Angelic Conversation

  3. Seduction: The Cruel Woman

    Seduction: The Cruel Woman

  4. November Moon

    November Moon

  5. The Times of Harvey Milk
    Audience Award

    The Times of Harvey Milk

  6. Before Stonewall

    Before Stonewall

  7. A Man Like Eva

    A Man Like Eva

  8. Try to Remember

    Try to Remember

  9. Broken Mirrors
    Audience Award

    Broken Mirrors

  10. Horror Vacui

    Horror Vacui

  11. Naughty Boys

    Naughty Boys

  12. Paso Doble

    Paso Doble

  13. Elevator Girls in Bondage

    Elevator Girls in Bondage

  14. Pink Narcissus

    Pink Narcissus

  15. Luminous Procuress

    Luminous Procuress

  16. Tricia's Wedding

    Tricia's Wedding

  17. The Leather Boys

    The Leather Boys

  18. The L-Shaped Room

    The L-Shaped Room

  19. A Taste of Honey

    A Taste of Honey

  20. Victim